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Come and Try Update - From Anthea Enzor, Southern District Secretary

I am just writing to confirm that the Tuesday Come and Try practices in March will take place on 9th and 23rd at 6.30pm. We will use the same Zoom and Ringing Room details as usual - Meeting ID: 84058415926, password: comeandtry and Ringing Room tower number: 615423987.

For those of you available during the day, Karen is leading Come and Try “Improvers” every Friday at 2.00pm and any of you are welcome to come along even if you can’t make it every week. The Zoom details are Meeting ID: 970 0483 8185, password: GettingOn and we use the Come & Try bells – tower number 615423987.

I have put together a draft list of all the regular Ringing Room practices in the D&N which can be found here. If you would like to visit another practice you will need to email the contact on the list to check whether it will be convenient for you to join them and if it is, for them to let you have their Zoom and tower details. If you have any amendments or additions to the list, please let me know.

Don’t forget that there are other ways for you to practise your virtual ringing. Many ringers are now making use of ringing simulators such as Mobel, Mabel or Abel, which are a useful way of trying a method on your own before you go to a practice. You can find more information here: Abel, Mabel and Mobel Ringing Simulators (abelsim.co.uk).

Or you can go along to the Ringing Room Take-Hold Lounge . https://www.facebook.com/groups/873214286480660. There are practices for all different levels of ability taking place most days for you to join or you can set up your own practice and ask others to join you.

Or you could just get a few friends together and set up your own tower. You only need four people to get started and you can practice as often as you like!

Also, don’t forget to extend your skills by completing some of the 50 Virtual Ringing Things challenges. You will find them by going to http://ringingteachers.org/news/articles/50-virtual-ringing-things.

And finally, if you are interested in having a go at running one of the breakout rooms, let me know. Any suggestions for where we go from here or improvements to the way we do things would also be very welcome.

Contact Anthea Enzor for more information.

Coronavirus - Covid-19

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has been working with the Church of England to include bell ringing in their plans to resume worship. The latest guidance from the Central Council can be found at https://cccbr.org.uk/coronavirus/ (NB the guidance only relates to C of E churches and not other jurisdictions).

The guidance provides background reading for everyone, and then specific advice for tower captains, steeple keepers and ringing masters, as well as safety considerations for all ringers.

Please note that the guidance comes from the CCCBR and not from the D & N, and it will be up to each tower to apply the guidance, working closely with your local church authorities and taking into account your local context, for example size of tower, distance between ropes, access arrangements etc. Of course, you do not have to start ringing if your ringers are not comfortable in doing so.

The guidance will be updated regularly so it is advisable to check the CCCBR website for the current position.


February 2021

Sat 27th - Southern District Meeting/Practice - via Zoom and Ringing Room

The link for the Zoom meeting will be:
Meeting ID: 815 4085 6707 Password: 635832

For Ringing Room the Southern District tower ID is 139276458 which you can access from the home page on Ringing Room.

If you have not yet explored Ringing Room and would like to have a go, just let Anthea Enzor know. She will send you instructions to get you started and start the Zoom call 15 minutes before the practice so  any technical issues can be sorted out before everyone else arrives.

The February 100 Club draw will take place at this meeting.

March 2021

Tue 9th - Come and Try Practice - see Announcements above.

Start 18:30.

Contact Anthea Enzor for more information.

Tue 23rd - Come and Try Practice - see Announcements above.

Start 18:30.

Contact Anthea Enzor for more information.

April 2021

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June 2021

Sat 12th - Central District Meeting

July 2021

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September 2021

Sat 11th - Central District Meeting

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Sat 13th - Central District Meeting

December 2021