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Coronavirus - Covid 19

Earlier this week the CCCBR issued draft guidance for a return to ringing from 17th May to 21st June. The key points of the guidance are that:
-Rule of Six applies indoors ,ringing sessions should be arranged for six people
-Hands ,Space and Face rules apply, face coverings, hand sanitising between ringing, 1m plus mitigations when ringing
-Lateral Flow Tests twice weekly, preferably timed for days of any sustained ringing
-Consider your own personal risk
-Restrict ringing time to 45 minutes whilst maintaining good tower ventilation

The latest guidance can be found here,

It might be a good idea for tower captains to share this with your incumbent and/or church wardens to plan whether it would be possible to restart ringing at your church, however I thought it would be a good idea to share this with everyone, as it there is advice for individual ringers about whether it is appropriate for them to ring. Of course there is no pressure for you to ring if you don't feel comfortable about it or you may be of higher risk to others, but it is really exciting that we may soon be able to get back in the tower!

Northern District Ringing Room Sessions - From Angela Cairns, Northern District Secretary

These will be on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, dates are listed below under "Events".

The Zoom details will be the same for each practice session, please find the details below along with Ringing room tower. Karen McCleave will be running the sessions so please direct any questions to her, she is much more experienced with Ringing room than I am. I you haven't used it before and want more information or to learn how to, Anthea Enzor has been running learners sessions. Please let me know and I will put you in touch with Karen or Anthea.

Zoom details:
Topic: ND Ringing Room
Time: 6.30p.m. - 7.30p.m.
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/95326106146?pwd=M3AyZWxqM042S1E2dUdHRFhkVWN1Zz09
Meeting ID: 953 2610 6146
Passcode: GoNextTime
Tower Details: D&N Northern District 1
Tower ID:321697458

"Early Method Ringing" - From Anthea Enzor, Southern District Secretary

Following on from the very successful Come and Try sessions, each District in the D&N is now going to run its own practices for those who want to build their confidence and progress their method ringing using Ringing Room. We have decided to call the Southern District practices "Early Method Ringing". They will take place each Tuesday evening at 7.00 pm and will last about an hour. These practices will focus on six bell ringing and are particularly aimed at less experienced ringers who are working on Plain Hunt, Plain Bob Doubles and Grandsire.

The Zoom details, which will be the same for every practice, are:
Meeting ID: 856 5566 4091
Password: SDistrict

and we will use the Southern District tower on Ringing Room, which is 139276458.

If you, or anyone else you know, would like to join these practices, just come along to the first one, which will be on Tuesday 30th March. If you have not yet been brave enough to try Ringing Room and feel that now would be a good time, as it could still be a while before we get back in the tower, then let me know and I will let you have all the information you need to get started.

Contact Anthea Enzor for more information.


Every Tuesday starting 30th March - Southern District "Early Method Ringing"

See details in Announcements above.

June 2021

Sat 12th - Central District Meeting - Cancelled

From the District Secretary, Alex Pym.

As we are still bound to the rule of six indoors we can't go ahead with the Central District Meeting on the 12th June. I've not received any business for the meeting and so, given how nice the weather is forecast to be, we'll cancel this meeting. Hopefully, with all the vaccinations, we will be back to having meetings for our September date, which was Saturday 11th September. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one.

Best wishes,


Tue 15th - Northern District Ringing Room Session

Zoom and Ringing Room details can be found in Announcements above.

Sat 19th - Southern District Practice - Zoom/Ringing Room

Starting at 16:00

The Zoom link will be: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84172337777?pwd=c0pqZ21BUGN3K1NwR2lSdzlxcWoxZz09
Meeting ID: 841 7233 7777
Passcode: SDMeeting

For Ringing Room the Southern District tower ID is 139276458 which you can access from the home page on Ringing Room.

For further information contact Anthea Enzor.

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

Sat 11th - Central District Meeting

October 2021

November 2021

Sat 13th - Central District Meeting

December 2021