Durham & Newcastle Diocesan Association
of Church Bellringers 
Ars Incognita Contemnitur

Ringing to Commemorate the Fallen of The Great War

2014 marks the start of a 4 year long commemoration of the fallen of WWI.
During the war, 41 ringers from towers residing in the D&N went to war and never returned home. To recognise their sacrifice, it is the intention of the D&N to ring a commemorative quarter peal at the tower where the fallen rang, on the day that they fell.

A document detailing the fallen ringers can be found here.

A second document lists dates, spanning from December 1914 to March 1919, on which commemorative quarter peals would need to be rung and at which tower.

Many thanks to Ellen Crabtree (Central District ringing master) for putting these documents together. It is hoped that as many people from across the D&N, in particular resident ringers, get involved in these acts of remembrance. Ellen has created a blog on which further details of ringers who fell will be recorded together with details of ringing completed in their memory, the blog can be found by clicking here.

If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity, then please contact Rachael Houchin.

The plaque pictured to the right is displayed in Newcastle Cathedral.